What’s Design Worth? CEO Michael Ksela Talks With “Creative Industries Styria”

SCOOP & SPOON CEO Michael Ksela was one of the leading experts featured in a recent issue of “Creative. Innovative. Sustainable.”, a prominent design magazine published by Creative Industries Styria.


Along with other leading creative minds from various industries in Graz, Ksela outlined his approach to design that has seen him win many international awards. He described the digital ecosystems that we develop for international clients, explained what it means to think of design in its entirety and explored design’s connection to values. As Ksela put it, “When the value chains of companies start to communicate once they are designed, they have a lot of docking points regarding measurability.”


Founded in 2007, Creative Industries Styria is a networking association that brings together the creative and classic sectors of the economy in Styria to help both improve their market performance. In collaboration with the Institute for Design and Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Graz, it publishes “Creative. Innovative. Sustainable. A Slightly Different View of Styria,” a magazine that covers a range of issues in the world of design, art, architecture and marketing.


For the most recent issue, check out the link below: