Unlocking the Beauty of Austria Worldwide Through Digitalisation and Highlight of the Austrian National Tourist Office’s Marketing Competence

SCOOP & SPOON for the Austrian National Tourist Office


The Austrian marketing brand SCOOP & SPOON has created a new hybrid interactive platform, SCOOP 360° Events, that offers an unprecedented view of Austria and all its strength and beauty, making the country’s unique cultural and natural landscape accessible to the digital world. Users will experience Austria’s finest – from culinary and cultural highlights to adrenaline-filled mountain adventures.


SCOOP & SPOON’s innovative platform serves as the first-ever virtual edition of Austria’s largest tourism trade fair, the Austrian Travel Business. The ATB 2020 takes place live in a modern virtual format on October 21st and will be available on-demand for the entire following week. The platform provides 360° rooms, live streams, video-on-demand, virtual tours, a match-making tool, a sales marketplace and many other interaction opportunities.


Thanks to our professional competence, holistic concept and uniquely designed system architecture, the new platform will provide a fully immersive and authentic Austrian experience. This empowers the Austrian National Tourist Office’s excellent marketing strategy to even better highlight everything Austria has to offer, from skiing and hiking to wellness and luxury, from alpine winter adventures to cultural city breaks and much more.


Through digital excellence, SCOOP & SPOON have created a novel way of making the strength and beauty of Austria visible to a multinational audience. Participants can experience Austria from a unique and unprecedented point of view – right from their home, wherever they are in the world. The platform atbvirtual.com allows the Austrian National Tourist Office to share Austria’s magnificent heritage with the rest of the world.


This unique solution paves the way for a local event to take place on a global stage, welcoming participants from around the world to experience Austria. To experience the platform for yourself, visit the following link: atbvirtual.com