The Thrill of the Race

Sunday lunchtime, the TV is on, Formula 1 is starting.


But what people don’t really consider when they’re getting sucked into the action on their TV, watching Vettel and Hamilton flash by at 100 mph, is just what goes into the race before the lights have even turned green. Each of the cars has been checked, double checked and triple checked by a test driver who has already driven in the car to exhaustion – whether on the track or in simulation runs. The entire racing team has invested hundreds of hours in planning, engineering, refining every element of the car and their strategy to ensure that every manoeuvre, every tyre change, every strategic decision and every pitstop, goes off without a hitch.


There’s a reason for all of this planning. They want to be the fastest, to claim pole position on the grid. And so, lap after lap, test after test, they work to get things right before things get serious. They strive to seek out and fix even the smallest problems, choose the best approach and the best philosophy for this particular track and this particular race. All so that the driver can put in their best performance on the big day. Prior to race day, the test driver and race team will have clocked up thousands of kilometres, spent weeks on simulation runs and dyno tests, putting the car and the strategy through its paces. The engine, the brakes, the steering, the sensors, the software, the driver – everything has to be right.


Just like those Formula 1 test drivers, at SCOOP & SPOON we also have testers who check, double check and triple check everything. And, while we may not be testing Formula 1 cars to get them ready for their place on the grid, we test the apps, showrooms, online shops and other high-performance creations that we build for our clients so that they can be race-fit in time for their official launch.


With open eyes and ears, here in Customer Service we check every system, run every algorithm and kick each tyre so that the end user – the Formula 1 driver, so to speak – will get the best experience from the very start. We look over our projects countless times to check for even the smallest errors. And often, it’s finding these errors and fixing them that makes the difference between winning the race – or not even finishing it at all.


Then the much-anticipated race day is here. Millions of fans follow their favourite driver, but few are aware of all the work going on behind the scenes. And the work of the test drivers and engineers is far from over, since they wait to take action if anything unexpected happens on the track.


Similarly at SCOOP & SPOON, even after go-live, our experts are there to catch minor issues. The software testers know the product inside out. They’ve spent hours looking at every last detail, every last function and every last interaction. That’s why Customer Service is often the place to go when questions pop up. It’s a well-oiled machine working hard in the background.


– Philipp, Head of Customer Service