The Allianz World Run: High-End Performance Platform for 150,000 Employees

Kicking off this week, the Allianz World Run is an opportunity for 150,000 Allianz employees from all over the world to run their way to better fitness goals while improving the lives of those around them with charitable donations. With our new digital platform, Allianz – a global insurance company that operates in 31 countries and has over € 140 billion in annual revenue – expects this year’s World Run to have a greater impact than ever before.


The platform is based on our SCOOP Enterprise Solution, which consists of various innovative components that can be individually branded and implemented to any client’s needs, including our Limitless Interaction SCOOP Recommendations based on Artificial Intelligence. We relied on a headless API approach for scalability and flexibility. Using innovative data visualisation techniques and offering various possibilities for interaction, we created a platform that users will want to return to again and again.


Have a look for yourself: