Simon Haidenbauer

Simon Haidenbauer is SCOOP Platform Manager at SCOOP & SPOON. With 15 years’ experience in software and marketing engineering, his knowledge and skills make him a key driver in SCOOP & SPOON’s endeavor to redefine marketing. Leading the SCOOP Innovation Hub, being creative is an integral part of his everyday work – when defining platform management as an innovation process, applying artificial intelligence to allow for limitless interaction, or integrating blockchain technology in digital marketing. At the same time, Simon is responsible to help the teams keep the focus on objectives and key results. He promotes agile DevOps culture and interdisciplinary collaboration to ensure that visions and ideas are transformed into useful, trustworthy and secure system landscapes.


Simon graduated with an MSc in information technologies and IT marketing from the Campus 02 University of Applied Sciences of Graz. The choice of this study and his work at SCOOP & SPOON reflects his passion to apply both marketing and information technology to help people move forward.