The SCOOP & SPOON Start-Up Programme

We accelerate start-ups and support the development of cutting-edge technologies in the areas of Digital Marketing, SaaS, Data-Driven Innovation and Artificial Intelligence.


As a privately owned, family company, we pride ourselves in investing for the long term and creating a partnership with you on an equal level. We’re one of Europe’s largest, independent and most innovative marketing brands. Come work with us and let us help you land the big clients you’ve been looking for.

Our Focus

We’re looking for visionary entrepreneurs and developers who don’t take current approaches for granted just because they’ve been there for a long time. Our programme focuses on early and growth stage tech start-ups in the following areas:


Digital Marketing
Innovative software solutions (SaaS), marketing automation and content tools


Artificial Intelligence for Limitless Interaction
Big data and analytics, data-driven business models and special applications


Data Accessibility Along Value Chains
Sensors, software modules and connected accessories

Benefits of a Partnership

By joining our start-up programme, you gain access to incredible resources. Alongside possible venture capital investment opportunities, one of our experts will support your deployment team in everything your business needs, from acquiring new clients to accelerating your international growth plans.


By leveraging our client base and deep knowledge of the technology sector, our team can help you reach previously inaccessible clients across Europe. Working together, your product or service can be developed and delivered faster than you ever thought possible.

What We Offer

Market Access

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the market or are a more seasoned entrepreneur, we’ll give you the chance to not just show your product or service to us, but to actually put it into use with our international clients. Being involved with our clients and their real-world situations lets you better understand market needs and refine your business model.


Customised Projects

We offer individual assignments, tailored to the exact needs of your start-up.



By connecting you to a great customer base spread across four countries, we facilitate instant growth and help you demonstrate value on an international scale. We’ll support you from a business model perspective, evaluate your marketing efforts and assist you with all of the accompanying legal requirements and administrative tasks.



We have a skilful marketing and IT knowledgebase in house. With our multinational team of experts, you’ll learn best practices as we help you strategically scale your business for growth. You’ll also be included in important strategy meetings and will have direct access to top management.



Our main goal is to integrate your product or service into one of our clients’ projects. Together, we can leverage each other’s expertise to have an even greater impact. And that’s the goal.


Financial Support for Your Journey

During the programme, we’ll invest in the form of operational support and financed resources as well as cash in exchange for equity.

We accelerate start-ups and provide hands-on support


How to Get Started?

Help us, help you. Get to know our team. Together, we’ll help define your investment needs and develop a customised start-up development programme. This will let us evaluate your product or service and determine where these can best be applied.


Benefits That Take You Further

There’s a whole host of benefits to working with us. You’ll gain access to an experienced customer and coaching network and have opportunities to further finetune your product or service, all while engaging with a range of business services that are there to help you.


Meet the CEO

After we’ve gotten to know each other and developed a blueprint for a potential partnership, we’re ready to include the CEO at an early stage. Together, we’ll pitch our project, building the foundation for a successful partnership.


Paul Zimmermann