SCOOP River™ MarTech Platform

A User-Centric MarTech Operating System for Limitless Interactions.
Trustworthy. Useful. Secure.


More than a website

SCOOP River™ is a MarTech platform that handles all your marketing activities in one place. It allows you to design the interactions with your customers in a sustainable way.

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Investing in a MarTech platform is an investment in your future

SCOOP River™ makes your company stronger, and focuses on direct customer relations, communication, and sales. It expands your customer base to create new revenue streams and business models.

SCOOP River™ for complete marketing design

Marketing design is crucial for a brand’s effectiveness. We’re not talking about visual identity, but about designing an intentional strategy to build connections with users, and integrate value chains into your digital ecosystems. SCOOP River™ lets you shape and define your marketing strategy, and put it into action for maximum impact.

SCOOP River™ utilises value chains, empowers communication, and drives sales

SCOOP River™ is a MarTech platform that integrates easily and seamlessly into your existing system landscape, becoming a beneficial component in the value chain. This transforms your entire value chain into a tool for real-time communication and sales.

SCOOP River™ increases quality, security, and implementation speed

River’s modular system architecture allows you to bring highly scalable platforms to market in the shortest possible time, and to rapidly monetise your business model. All of it designed to be user-centric, trustworthy, useful, and secure.

“SCOOP River™ is a MarTech platform for communication and sales”


SCOOP River™ MarTech Platform

A system architecture with the SCOOP River™ MarTech Platform at its core includes complete scalability, security and integration capabilities.

SCOOP River™ is built on sustainable principles

Separation of Content and Technology

Headless API

Modular Software Implementation

SCOOP River™ for the smallest startups to the biggest enterprises across all industries

River’s application-neutral architecture makes it ideal for any use case. From standalone applications to full integration into your communication and sales strategy, it is versatile, comprehensive, and powerful.

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Connecting fans with world leaders

SCOOP River™ gives world leader ABUS the freedom to curate their own content while sponsoring the most successful pro-cycling squad at the Tour de France.
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Launching global sports initiatives in less than three months

How do you get 150,000 people around the globe to run for fun? SCOOP River™ serves as a digital basis for Allianz SE’s World Run initiative.
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Central networking hub for Austrian Olympic Committee

How SCOOP River™ acts as a central networking hub at the Olympic Games.

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