Sabine Ksela

As Chief Financial Officer of SCOOP & SPOON, Sabine Ksela’s area of responsibility extends well beyond finance and includes human resources. Intuitively finding the right balance between people and numbers, Sabine confidently demonstrates creativity in marrying both of these areas. Nerves of steel, reliability and her innovative approach have become her trademark and have contributed to successful progress and growth for the SCOOP & SPOON brand. In her work, Sabine consistently chooses new paths to excellence and acts as a mentor to the talented members of her handpicked team – all of whom happen to be women – encouraging them to work towards their full potential.


Sabine completed her studies at the University of Graz with a doctorate in law and a particular interest in financial policy. She worked in the jewellery business for more than 20 years – an industry that is deeply tied to human relationships – which gave her insight into the emotional connection between brands and their customers and emphasised the importance of human interaction. She wholeheartedly believes that cohesion and mutual respect are two of the qualities that help SCOOP & SPOON achieve success and gain a reputation as an innovative and independent company. With her unique wealth of experience in business management, family building and lifestyle, Sabine keeps pushing the boundaries on a daily basis while taking care of the qualitative progress of SCOOP & SPOON.