Redefining Tennis

Imagine turning on your TV to watch some tennis. The grass season is underway, Wimbledon is a few weeks out and you can’t wait to see the yellow felt ball being hit ever so ferociously across the neatly trimmed courts. You turn on the TV – and suddenly you are this close to being struck by something you haven’t seen before! You see two hands, protruding from the edges of the screen, offering tennis balls to your favourite player who is standing right in front of you. He is smiling and murmuring “thank you” before he goes on to serve another ace.


Intrigued by this fascinating new perspective, you want more. On the tournament website, you download the official “SCOOP & SPOON MercedesCupTennis App” to see if this is real. And you find much more: live streams from the current matches with cameras on every ball kid and even behind the referee. A cool video of Roger Federer, arguably the world’s most popular player, playing tennis on the rooftop of Frankfurt’s highest building, with the camera attached to his hitting partner.


Now you can imagine what it’s like to be on the other part of the net from Roger! Furthermore, a collection of outtakes from the live streams with tennis stars being goofy, and even the possibility to edit those videos yourself, add text and funny sounds and share them over social media.


SCOOP & SPOON’s Werner Schindling, who helped create the app, puts it this way. “What would you say if I told you that it took only a few weeks’ time to develop this awesome app? From the idea to its conception, prototyping, wireframing and the actual implementation, up to content creation, my team was responsible for all the aspects of bringing this beautiful idea to life. And as a tennis player myself, I can say it was worth it! This gets me to thinking: What if you could watch tennis matches from the first-person perspective of the players – with cameras attached to their chests? I wonder when this is going to become a reality. If I were you, I would bet that SCOOP & SPOON is going to be a part of it. Because that’s where it all began!”


– Werner, Head of Development Enterprise Solutions