Positive Leadership

After two decades of working for a company in the airline industry, it’s as if you’re saying goodbye to a big family when you leave. You immediately wonder whether you’ll ever be able to have this same feeling in another place with other people. During my first day at SCOOP & SPOON, however, I quickly realised that I hadn’t just been integrated into a new company – I had entered a world of warmth and friendliness.


My story is dedicated to all the people who work at SCOOP & SPOON. Sure, it can be a rollercoaster. There are good days and bad. Mistakes happen. But what our team has – and this isn’t to be taken for granted – is an unparalleled feeling of togetherness. This cohesion extends across all departments and over four countries, and it creates an atmosphere that you can feel every day.


I appreciate the trust the entire company has placed in me to give HR a new structure, a new name and, above all, a new meaning. The title “Human Resources” was quickly dissolved because HR at SCOOP & SPOON is, first and foremost, dedicated to building relationships with and between people. Because we don’t want to see the people in our company as resources, the name human relations seemed more appropriate to what we do.


While asking “how are you doing?” may seem straight forward, this question carries deep meaning for us in the HR team when we talk with our colleagues. It is central to all our encounters around the office because we’re all honestly interested in learning more about who the person behind the employee is.


Instead of concentrating on weaknesses and failure, we focus on individual strengths and promote a culture of learning with the help of management. To firmly anchor this credo, we’ve chosen “Positive Leadership” as our guiding principle. We don’t manage employees – we lead people. We consider this a major responsibility, and one that has to be based on mutual trust. We also want to know our employees’ strengths, which we discuss with them in our new “compass meetings”.


People can only flourish if they live out and experience their strengths every day. We’re convinced that nothing strengthens people more than the trust we place in them. Of course, it takes time to for a new culture to evolve and to adjust. But the important thing is that everyone tries their best to live it out on day-to-day basis. This cultural development, moreover, can only occur because we as the HR team have the necessary support from the CFO and management to make these changes a reality.


As part of our leadership development programme, we took a character strengths test together. In this, I found out that I could improve on my “gratitude” trait. That’s why I want to take the opportunity here to practice this every chance I get. When I get into my car on Mondays to drive to Graz, I’m grateful that SCOOP & SPOON is my destination. Every week, I look forward to meeting my great colleagues, who don’t just know how to work hard but also know how to celebrate a job well done at the end of the day. Management, too, never misses the opportunity to sit down with them on such occasions. Birthdays are never forgotten, and company work anniversaries are always recognised.


When COVID, along with all of the mutations of mutations, are finally history, there will surely be nothing better than getting together for a reunion with all of our colleagues from Prishtina, London, Munich and Vienna. If there’s one thing we could all do with, it’s a celebration.


– Miriam, Head of Human Relations