Philipp Rabl

Philipp Rabl is Head of Customer Service at SCOOP & SPOON. Among his key tasks are the quality assurance and testing of SCOOP & SPOON’s client projects. Philipp values accuracy, has a keen eye for detail and is solution-oriented, which enables him and his team to successfully tackle even the most challenging development tasks. The ability to set priorities and juggle workloads helps Philipp keep the entire SCOOP & SPOON IT infrastructure operating smoothly and efficiently at all our international locations.


Having led the team on a wide variety of successful projects, Philipp stands by the premise that the strength of the team lies within each member, and the strength of each member lies in the team. This is a win-win philosophy and drives a collaborative approach in the day-to-day content management of all ongoing projects, as well as in developing innovative new solutions for unique client challenges.