On Your Mark. Get Set. Go! SCOOP & SPOON Helps the Allianz World Run 2021 with a New Digital Platform

With an innovative marketing concept, SCOOP & SPOON has created a visionary digital platform to attract participants to this year’s Allianz World Run. Now in its fifth year, the Allianz World Run is an opportunity for Allianz employees – along with friends and family – to run their way to better fitness goals while improving the lives of those around them. For each minute of activity logged over the course of 90 days, Allianz donates to charities around the world.


The platform we designed to accompany the World Run includes innovative sports data visualisation techniques. Participants’ data is fetched from the Allianz App “well together”, and our platform then displays their performance levels and total charitable contributions in any easy-to-digest manner for the entire team, wherever they are. Our platform also has various engagement functionalities that strengthen interaction among participants and help foster a loyal community of fitness enthusiasts within the company.


The Allianz World Run has always been a great opportunity to improve the lives of others while also getting people active. With our digital platform – where all set measures merge into a stable and expandable architecture – the employer brand for Allianz will also be reinforced throughout the event.


Team registration opens today, and the run itself starts on June 23.