Multicultural Inspiration

Turning a thought into a story, a single word into a page, an idea into a full website, I love to create something I can be proud of. Language gives us so many options, so much to play with. You can start with an inkling, an iconic image, a concept heard a hundred times – and guide people step by step to a place they know, or throw them completely off the track, write something they’ve never expected, something that hooks them and never lets them go. And then you’ve created a story that inspires, that makes people think, sparks their imagination, and could even change their perception and beliefs.


Writing is so much more than stringing words together, simply stating the obvious or trying to sell something. It’s so much more than making sure the grammar is on point and everything is spelled correctly. It’s creating an experience that works for everyone, no matter their age or where they come from. And that’s the thing I like most about writing for a brand as diverse as SCOOP & SPOON. Every day is different, every project, every customer. I get to work with great people from all over the world, in offices spread across Europe. Having a multicultural team means that open-mindedness comes naturally – new perspectives, insights and experiences are literally at our fingertips.


This rich diversity also inspires my writing. Seeing the world through somebody else’s eyes gives you the freedom to express your ideas in new ways. You can now explore different paths and break free from conventions you didn’t even realise were hard-wired into your thinking. It allows you to see the original story in a different light, to try something new and not worry about making mistakes. It’s an endless source of inspiration.


– Lisa A., Head of Editorial