“Minutes of Fame”: A New Digital Platform to Help Women and Girls in Need

SCOOP & SPOON has developed a new, digital charity platform and shared it with the Austrian branch of the globally active NGO Soroptimist International, “Graz Rubin”. Visitors to the “Minutes of Fame” platform had the opportunity to video chat exclusively with well-known figures from the worlds of art and culture, business, culinary arts, science and sports for a 50 Euro donation.


Sabine Ksela, SCOOP & SPOON CFO and Vice President of Graz Rubin on this new project, “Lots of exciting and interesting personalities have agreed to support ‘Minutes of Fame’ with their time, including the Austrian national football team’s coach Franco Foda, actress Ursula Strauss, cabaret artist Gernot Haas, Austria’s most successful beach volleyball player Clemens Doppler, cultural expert Barbara Rett and many others.”


“Our pan-European marketing company is providing a virtual platform free of charge to give back to society at a time when digital companies have been doing very well,” says Sabine Ksela. “Minutes of Fame” lets the Soroptimists’ important donation drives continue to take place.


The “Minutes of Fame” platform is based on our cutting-edge SCOOP 360° Events technology and Limitless Interactions, which allow the user to move freely across the platform. Individually themed rooms help the user to find out more about the personalities available to chat as well as the “SI Graz Rubin”. The integrated e-commerce tool also allows users to easily book the video chats with their celebrity of choice.


If you’d like to be a part of this worthwhile initiative, visit the “Minutes of Fame” website below: minutesoffame.charity