Michael Ksela

Michael Ksela, Chief Executive Officer of SCOOP & SPOON, is a marketing and creative visionary, demonstrated by an impressive track record over more than 30 years and a tremendous number of awards. His talent for the commercialisation of ideas, his unique knowledge and international experience distinguish him from the mass of marketing experts. He’s keen to stay abreast of the very latest developments in the world of marketing and always seeks to balance commercial demands with the emotion that’s at the heart of all good communication. Michael is constantly redefining the essence of marketing and creating new marketing instruments that fundamentally shape the entire marketing landscape worldwide. Design, communication technology and exciting innovations are at the centre of everything he does.


He knows how to use marketing instruments in both the consumer goods and capital goods industries. As one of the youngest marketing directors in Austria, he was responsible for an internationally commercialised budget of several million Euros. His career leapt forward with the complete brand transformation of a global leader in the automotive industry. He was honoured as “Marketing Man of the Year” by the International Advertising Association and “Marketing Technology Hero” by the Drum. Numerous national and international prizes followed, including global awards such as the Lovie and Dadi Awards in London and the Webby Award in New York. He also initiated the programme “Learning From the Young” to help young creatives transform their ideas into viable business opportunities.


For his many years of service to the Styrian economy and as Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Morocco, Michael was awarded the Grand Decoration of Honour of the Province of Styria. Michael was board director of an international research association for interactive marketing innovations and has chaired the Austrian Design Foundation. He was also a board member of a Cultural Foundation that advanced the collaboration between science, technology and art.


In 2005, he founded his own company. Since then, the SCOOP & SPOON Group has become one of Europe’s largest, independent and most innovative marketing companies with strong roots in technology and UX, helping industry leaders within their digitalisation topics.

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