Michael Ksela Impresses at Digital Festival 4GAMECHANGERS

Our CEO Michael Ksela gave a more than remarkable double performance in front of thousands of participants at the renowned digital festival 4GAMECHANGERS 2019 yesterday in Vienna. During the panel discussion on “Content Driven Marketing Automation” – which featured distinguished international marketing experts – Michael clearly expressed his view that a separation of content and technology is absolutely necessary. He also argued that we shouldn’t even ask the question of which is more important, as “one cannot perform without the other.”


Shortly thereafter, our CEO returned to the centre stage with Kathryn List, AVL Cultural Foundation. In a highly interesting, gripping keynote on the subject of “Irvine 7 – Emotionalizing High-Tech Trough Art” they demonstrated how art, as an emotional and aesthetic element, is linked to content to make it more communicable and thus more accessible.


Both appearances generated a lot of recognition and applause for Michael Ksela – even though they only touched upon the longstanding and in-depth marketing expertise of our CEO.