Korab Qerkini

Korab Qerkini, Chief Operating Officer of SCOOP & SPOON, works at the cutting edge of innovation. He has an unrivalled flair for marketing, new technologies, user experience techniques and methodologies, adopting them long before they become industry standard. His main goal, both professionally and personally, is to open people’s eyes to new possibilities, to remove the blinkers that limit their perception of life, and to push them beyond their comfort zones and unlock their potential. Korab is responsible for establishing the strategy, goals, tools, and processes necessary to drive the long-term growth and efficiency of SCOOP & SPOON’s global business. As part of those activities, he leads our teams across Europe in London, Munich, Vienna, Graz and Prishtina.


Korab studied at the Graz University of Technology, where his work was regularly featured in scientific magazines. Having worked in many different roles at SCOOP & SPOON, he’s a great believer in interdisciplinarity and collaboration. For him the interface where people, disciplines, languages, cultures, creativity and concentration meet is where fantastic ideas are born. Constantly seeking individuals and ideas that go beyond the mainstream and into the abstract, he ensures that our work is always challenging, always fresh and always innovative.