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Our SCOOP & SPOON Compass

The compass symbolises the dynamics of our company, its departments and the time we live in. The true north and south of ours point towards our two central company values: creativity and concentration. These are the orientation points for our daily work. East and west are symbolised by our relationships with each other. These values are at the forefront of our daily work. Taken together, they give us direction and mark the way towards success.


Guidance, Direction and Communication

To match our corporate culture with our values, we use compass interviews instead of classic employee interviews. We believe that appraisal interviews shouldn’t just be used as an HR instrument for annual exchanges. Rather, they should facilitate an active dialogue between supervisors and employees, make employees’ strengths visible and deepen our relationships with each other.


To positively tackle changes and drive further development in a marketing environment, specifying a direction is essential. But our rapidly changing world also demands agility. This means all of our team members have to adapt to new structures with open minds. The compass interview gives us an opportunity to evaluate our direction twice per year and make necessary adaptations so we can move down new paths together.

Positive leaders and positive minds create amazing projects

We strive for positive leadership and positive minds

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