How to Dev @SCOOP & SPOON

At SCOOP & SPOON, we’re lucky to have an innovative and agile development team. What do our developers do every day? Let’s see what Werner, Head of Development Enterprise Solutions, and Kaltrinë, Head of Frontend Solutions, have to say.


What Programming Languages Do We Use?

From CSS, SCSS and Bootstrap, on the one hand, to Angular, PHP and jQuery, on the other, we use a wide range of programming languages in our everyday work. When it comes to creating structure and using reusable classes, we turn to Bootstrap. When we need to build modern, large scalable applications, though, we use Angular. It’s the backbone of our programming processes, and we use it for its declarative UI, reusability, code consistency and modular structure. PHP – now that’s for our work in the backend, when we create an API or WordPress. And it’s JavaScript and jQuery for the frontend.

“JavaScript is a must, and Typescript is state-of-the-art. But Java is still mandatory.”

− Werner

What’s Our Product Portfolio Like?

Our core product is our SCOOP 360° Platform, which is based on node.js microservices. It has a modular approach, meaning we have various modules on hand – such as our Limitless Interactions, Intelligent Search, or Recommendations modules – to help you build your virtual environment. To build these platforms, we use Angular and WordPress. Since we’re always adding new features to this offering – and it’s been used by big clients like Abus, AVL and the Museum of Modern Art in New York – it’s an exciting product to be working on.


Aside from these virtual events, we also work with clients and help them maintain and redesign their websites. We recently redesigned AVL’s website, replacing the old JSP and template fronted with a cutting-edge Angular single-page app with a headless CMS. We do similar work for smaller clients around Europe. Working in both of these worlds, with clients big and small, is what makes working on our development team unique and rewarding.

“We’re driven, persistent and flexible. We’re here to help.”

− Kaltrinë

Can You Explain Our Stack?

Early on, we were using the basics for smaller projects – think HTML5, CSS and scripted languages like JavaScript and jQuery. Over the last two years, though, we’ve started using Angular and Typescript for building our frontend architectures.


These technologies have been the perfect solution for our most of our recent projects. Recently, we developed a set of microservices using Node.js to help us renew the rest of our tech stack. And since we’re always trying to enhance our processes, we even started a DevOps initiative to improve the way we work. One of the outcomes of this has been that we now integrate automated CI/CD pipelines into every new project.

How Would You Describe Our Team?

It’s all about teamwork in development. We always look to our team members to learn new things and broaden our skill set. We work well as a team, and we help each other overcome challenges. We’re agile in our mentality, meaning we’re moving from project to project, and things never get boring.


To help us in our daily work, we use numerous tools, from Bitbucket and Zeplin to Jira and Slack. Working here, you’ll not just have the chance to learn and grow, but you’ll also get the chance to work on various exciting projects for globally relevant clients. Add to this that you’ll use a modern technology stack and get to work on a team with people from around the world – that’s hard to beat.

“For 2021, it’s all about expanding features and improving our system landscape.”

− Kaltrinë


What’s Planned for the Rest of the Year?

For 2021, it’s all about expanding features for our SCOOP Platform. We’re looking to add new features, extend the colour scheme and even make it multilingual.


We’re also going to improve our system landscape and continue to build reusable modules and components for our headless CMS and microservice architecture. And we’re developing a new SCOOP & SPOON website – the one you’re reading now – so the rest of 2021 will be busy for us.

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