Headless CMS Approach

We use a headless Content Management System (CMS) approach in our work. This means we decouple the customer-side (frontend) from the technical side (backend) of a digital platform, which allows us to separate the website’s visible interface – what the user sees – from the technology used to maintain it. Both ends of this are then connected with an Application Programming Interface (API) layer, which lets both sides communicate with each other.


Our approach offers advantages when it comes to scalability and integration. For scalability, separating the backend from the frontend gives you more freedom in your development: One backend can be used for multiple frontends, even if they have different UX and design perspectives. Likewise, one backend lets you target your technological development – like a software upgrade – to only one source, which is a sustainable and cost-effective solution. For integration, a third-party connector can be used, letting you exchange content in both directions – from your database to your partners platform and vice versa. Automated content sharing has never been so simple – nor has sharing a common target audience.