The Sports Digital Platform and the Sports App Deliver Unique Digital Experience and Assistance

A good caddy does more than just carry a golfer’s bags. They advise on the course, keep score, and even suggest which club to use. To bring this wealth of knowledge into the digital world, SCOOP & SPOON has developed a digital assistant for BMW. The international car manufacturer sponsors a worldwide portfolio of sporting events with thousands of participants, fans and influencers around the world.


SCOOP & SPOON provided one constant in this fast-changing environment – a reusable sports app based on our SCOOP Events platform. With creating a flexible and minimalistic app, BMW now has the possibility to offer the player, driver and fans a unique experience – driven by passion.


The app offers players full access to the BMW golf ecosystem, giving them the opportunity to interact with the selected courses before, during and even after the world finals.

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Anna Habermann

Marketing Director