Florentin Alija

Florentin Alija, Head of the Marketing Experts at SCOOP & SPOON, creates and execute social media, SEO and performance marketing strategies for our customers. With his open-minded attitude and hands-on approach — from the first spark of an idea to its implementation — Florentin helps expand our customer network and make sure that satisfied customers return once their project has been completed under SCOOP & SPOON’s expert guidance. Balancing a constant flow of new knowledge and continuous professional development, he intuitively navigates marketing trends. Based on this constantly evolving knowledge and his many years of experience, Florentin motivates his team to take an unconventional approach to strategy building.


With his degree in Computer Science from the University of Business and Technology in Prishtina, Florentin has been responsible for numerous collaborations with major brands in the US, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.