Evelyn Anawith

Evelyn Anawith, Head of Accounting, is responsible for all financial matters at SCOOP & SPOON. Evelyn masterfully manages everything related to finances, from reporting and financial controlling to supporting management in decision making. Her meticulous work ethic and ability to remain calm under pressure helps to keep the flow of business operations running smoothly and enables her team to work cohesively and productively. With focused concentration, she ensures that there aren’t obstacles standing in the team’s way to prevent them from successfully carrying out their job.


Evelyn initially earned a degree in the humanities from the University of Graz, but later took an interest in finance and accounting. She enjoys significant involvement in the day-to-day running of our organisation. Attentive and courteous, Evelyn’s attitude towards others has always played a key role in creating a productive atmosphere where everyone can work together as a team. Extending beyond finances and into project management and reporting, she’s built a distinguished professional reputation and is a vital part of the SCOOP & SPOON team.