SCOOP & SPOON Crafted by Humans


Creativity and Concentration

We’re creative, and we’re focused. When these two qualities are combined, our goals – no matter how ambitious, challenging or complex – can be achieved. The pain we fear is a signpost to our success.


When we confront our pain, when we do the things that are hard by concentrating on the end goal and keeping our values in mind, success is the only outcome. Here, at the edge of our comfort zones, is where we grow and flourish.

We’re alchemists, weaving creations of modern magic


Love is the breeze that fans the flames of our inspiration. It lets us create work not because we have to, but because we want to.


It’s the courage to challenge ourselves and each other to do the “extra” that transforms our work from something ordinary into something extraordinary.

Human Relations

Viewing people as resources goes against our credo. You don’t build relationships with resources. Our focus, our commitment, our love and our passion is all dedicated to human relations. In this fast-paced world, we need relationships more than ever. Heart to heart, person to person.


As human beings, we evolve and thrive not only on our own strength, but through our relationship with others. These relationships overcome all physical boundaries, leading to a unique team spirit that spans across four countries like a safe and protective net.

Positive Leadership

Instead of weaknesses and mistakes, we focus on strengths and lessons learned. We don’t manage staff, we lead people – with responsibility and mutual trust. We recognise and promote the strengths of our employees. People can only blossom if they live and experience their strengths every day.


We’re convinced that nothing can strengthen a person more than the trust we place in them. In this culture of trust, we rely on the principles of Positive Leadership. We focus on positive emotions, encourage commitment, pay attention to mutual relationships, communicate the meaning of our work and celebrate the goals we’ve achieved.

Inspiration, Growth and Excellence

The SCOOP & SPOON Academy of Excellence offers our employees space and time for a sustainable learning experience. We inspire each other and grow with each other, all while striving for excellence. We rise only by lifting others around us, meaning we share knowledge, best practices and experiences throughout the company.


We need to grow in order to blossom, that’s why we develop our employees’ soft and professional skills. Their will to win, their desire to succeed and their urge to reach their full potential are the keys that unlock the door to both personal excellence and our academy of excellence.