CEO Michael Ksela Inspires Students With Lecture on “Redefining Marketing”

“SCOOP & SPOON redefines marketing. If marketing instruments do not exist, then you have to invent them. It’s a journey from theory to real project execution.” – CEO Michael Ksela


As Europe’s largest, independent and most innovative marketing brand, SCOOP & SPOON offers solutions based on new marketing instruments and methodologies – defined by the brand itself. In an exclusive digital lecture for the University of Applied Scienes in Graz, Austria, SCOOP & SPOON’s CEO and marketing expert Michael Ksela gave students a unique insight into the fascinating world of our new SCOOP marketing landscape, and how we achieve the seemingly impossible by asking the right marketing questions.


More than 100 students followed our CEO’s online presentation as he talked about the SCOOP & SPOON mindset, mission and vision. He also explained our four core marketing instruments – Data Accessibility, Limitless Interaction, Customer Profiling and New Business Models – by discussing a few of our highly successful projects for big brands like Formula 1, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Allianz insurance.


Due to COVID-19, the students were pursuing their dream of becoming marketing experts themselves via distance learning. With the chance to grain practical knowledge constrained by the pandemic, the students were eager to learn from our very own Martech Hero, Michael Ksela. During the discussion, students wanted to learn even more about our projects. Overall a success, Michael Ksela’s lecture opened the door to possible follow up sessions.