Applied Limitless Interaction Strategy (ALIAS)

When introducing SCOOP Limitless Interaction™ to a brand, SCOOP & SPOON provides marketing and software engineering expertise to connect the brand’s marketing goals with the interests of its users. Derived from the brand’s individual business strategy, an Applied Limitless Interaction Strategy (ALIAS) is developed and implemented as an agile, continuous improvement process. In this way, SCOOP & SPOON, together with the brand, ensures that the technology, the algorithms and the marketing activities are optimally targeted to the marketing goals.



In the planning phase, the technology and marketing activities are planned to achieve the marketing objectives.


  1. Definition of a roadmap
  2. Definition of marketing goals for contents and system components
  3. Creation of a content and language strategy
  4. Definition of pages and components
  5. Definition of content categories and tags
  6. Tagging of content chunks
  7. Definition of featured contents and business values
  8. Identification and selection of software modules
  9. Identification and selection of recommendation algorithms


Applied Limitless Interaction Strategy



During implementation, the planned activities are carried out. These include


  • Execution in content management system (execution of 1-9)
  • DevOps implementation (execution of 1-9)
  • User behaviour tracking set-up



The achievement of the marketing goals through SCOOP Limitless Interaction™ is continuously monitored through regular checks. Analytics results as well as the results of applied UX testing methods are used to evaluate the strategy, the implementation and the results.



Based on the results of the check process, recommendations for action are derived and agreed with the client, so that they can in turn be incorporated into the next planning.