An Instrument, the Orchestra and Silence

When you attend a performance at the Vienna State Opera, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the force of the orchestra, the power of the instruments, the silence between the notes. The resonating bodies in the pit fill the room with sound waves that envelop the colours of the stage and sweep the performance from one scene to the next. Is it possible to compare a marketing instrument to a violin?


Originally, in classical Greek theatre, an orchestra was a dancing ground in front of an altar dedicated to the Greek god Dionysus. The meaning has changed over the centuries; one no longer pays homage to a male god – instead, an orchestra’s performance at best is a celebration of life, of death, of success and failure, of happiness and love.


While an orchestra is made up of individual musicians and their instruments, its effect is more than the sum of its parts. This awareness is an essential guideline for when SCOOP & SPOON develops instruments for the marketing market. It’s not only the instrument itself that is decisive, but also which wood it’s been carved from, which natural gut was used for the strings, how the bow hairs are stretched.


Playing an instrument, does the marketing manager sense the composer’s intention? Is the audience involved, are the users drawn from wherever they are? Was the right ensemble chosen?


If the marketing goals are outlined by conductor, if the marketing strategy is used as a composition, the stars may shine on stage, the work may be interpreted by different ensembles.


– Simon, SCOOP Platform Manager