About Chameleons, Freedom and the Love of Art

Chameleons are famous for their ability to change the colour at a breakneck speed. The primary function of the change of colour is not a disguise, but first and foremost – a communication with other members of their own species. For Michael Ksela, CEO of SCOOP & SPOON, the fact that technology and marketing can develop similar skills explains the success of the SCOOP 360°.


The challenges that customers face when they contact SCOOP & SPOON are diverse – and some of them are only discovered through the collaborative work. Museums that face the challenge of digitalisation. Global automotive industry leaders who shape the current changes. Tourist and leisure industry platforms that virtualise their offers – just to name a few examples.


This makes it all the more important for SCOOP & SPOON to be aware of its own philosophy and values – ultimately to be able to design the best possible marketing together with the customer. A decisive characteristic of the SCOOP & SPOON philosophy is the willingness to treat your vis-à-vis with respect.


Michael Ksela refers to a collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art in New York as an example. “It was essential in our joint work with the museum to introduce the love for art and respect that is associated with it – respect for the freedom of art, respect for the impossibility to evaluate art and respect for the artist.” Only with such an approach was it possible to think of the right solution for the museum.


The original intention of the museum was to make the important data of an art project available on the website to increase accessibility compared to a PDF. Following its own philosophy, SCOOP & SPOON wondered how to show the greatest possible respect for the artist and for the artwork. A work of art is three dimensional. Why make it two dimensional?


As an answer to this question, SCOOP & SPOON developed the SCOOP 360° module. SCOOP 360° makes it possible to experience data and information in three-dimensional spaces and makes them accessible in a completely new way. Michael Ksela finds the SCOOP 360°’s amazing ability to adapt particularly remarkable.


“Balancing between the efficiency and cool looks, the SCOOP 360° is just like a chameleon. An evolutionary technology, that withdraws itself so far, functions in the most varied forms and in completely different ways.”


This feature makes it possible to use the SCOOP 360°, for example, for the digital presence of a sponsor during the Tour de France, to make the company’s offer available to the automotive industry in the racing sector – or even to virtually represent a museum.


“We provide the marketing market with tools such as the SCOOP 360° to enable marketing that gives people freedom – the freedom to love art, to advertise products and to make services accessible in three-dimensional spaces.”


– Simon, SCOOP Platform Manager